AWAKEN [2014]


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WALL 04:04
the colour of my room wall became the colour of my routine it used to be the warm spring morning but now they appear as miserable as me then you've crossed the door like an autumn rain never meant to stay just leaving a shadow on the walls of my room the world is full of kings and queens who blind your eyes and steal your dreams the world is full of beauty and filth choosing the right one is the reward itself I've locked the room and forgot where I've hidden the keys it's much easier here inside than fighting these demons all the time but I am now a better man I saw what was drawn aside from myself the vision is clear, I can define my aim it's long me marching without a fear it's still hard to fall asleep lying in cold stone grave a statue for wasted dreams I am no longer the victim
never underestimate the power of your own inmost courageous dreams nobody can ever tell you what's the best for your self-order forget all the bullshit that they represent and don't you ever dare to live one elses expectation create the reality under your view and don't you ever mind they can't accept your choice take me to the western sky, to the eastern mist where hope dies last take me to the southern tide, to the northern flood where my name forever remains
na ulice naszych miast ktoś wypuścił wściekłe psy mówią kogo kochać i jak mamy żyć podcięli nam skrzydła, gdy chcieliśmy wzbić się w powietrze wmówili, że dobre jest to co szary ma odcień w symbolach mamy pokładać wiarę, nie w sobie i klękać mieliśmy przed nim nie wiedząc czy naprawdę istnieje my młodzi wkurwieni straciliśmy cierpliwość my młodzi wkurwieni czujemy się oszukani zmieliliśmy marzenia na kajdany z krawatów kotwicą u stóp stały się szklane wieże powierzyliśmy swoją przyszłość cyfrom na wielkich ekranach a rozszarpią nas dla korzyści chciwe, czarne marynarki nie łapiemy za bagnety na ulicach szukamy rewolucji w głowach przestańcie nami tak spekulować nasza przyszłość to nie towar my młodzi wkurwieni straciliśmy cierpliwość my młodzi wkurwieni czujemy się oszukani co dobre jest wybierzemy sami
nigdy więcej złamanych obietnic nigdy więcej niedotrzymanych słów nigdy więcej okłamywania w twarz nigdy więcej zmarnowanych szans
DAWN 02:19
the reflection in your mirror what does it say? what can you tell from the look of your terrified eyes? mindless wrath, pointless hatered it's your armour for the world your limited mind can't comprehend what makes us human is the fact we can see brothers and sisters in those among us we are the compassionate hearts our minds are beyond all prejudice every breath has the same value every smile is the greatest gift the walls you've built are about to collapse release your vision and rethink
indifferent I won't be indifferent I am my own god we have got ourselves to the times of despair when tears on our face are sign of weakness I'm consuming the freedom, digesting the lies proclaming the way of living my life traveling salesman will give me the reason to doubt if the fortune is ever coming back if the dead kings keep winning still making them smile we won't see the sun, we won't live with pride my name is hypocrit, my name is greed my name is liar, I am a cheat I've got the guilt on my hands and adle eyes look all around the fault is ours for what is worth I'm going to stand up still question everything and never doubt one nation under mind if we won't change the balance so crucial to our times we'll keep crawling like beggars until we die
I used to bite my toungue and stand on a side but I've had enough I'm tired and I'm down I'm sick of this place, I'm sick of these fake smiles that comforts only the unworthy ones the values that has no value now ask me if this is the place to be no longer my answer is straight cowards never start the weak never finish the winners never quit sometimes I hate all my friends they tend to be so selfish in a way I can't stand sometimes I like to feel nobody cares it brings silence, it calms me down I am strangled looking for a place to rest my eager head upon the dark waves upon sorrowed eyes of a woman cowards never start the weak, they never finish the winners, they never quit we have no boundaries to keep us on the leash like animals we're living up with ignorance I'm tired from pulling that rope the routine has to stop no one deserves such amusement if only for my hands we could almost celebrate our victory upon life corners upon our darkest ghosts
we've reached the highest peaks of our progress yet we remain deaf for the voices of the suffer and the need we devour our pride among those who wait for us to be finally awaken awaken


Recorded, mixed and mastered by Piotr Gruenpeter at Maq Records & Satanic Audio.


released September 17, 2014





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